Comments for all

Comments for all is an easy to use comment field. It is easy to install it on your own server, it is easy for the editor to find and remove comments that are against the rules of the siteowner. But first and foremost it is easy for the user.

They can post a comment, they can express their feelings. They can get the help they need to find courage to make their voices heard.

The comment field has a responsive design. The project is open source and is free to use and improve. It has been developed together with the users and with frequent user tests. We therefore recommend you to user test any changes you make. We also discovered that the logon procedure stopped a lot of the users. Therefore – think carefully before using the version with a logon process. Is it really necessary?

Now - have fun! Let all of your readers speak their minds. You will discover that there are opinions that could not be expressed before.

Installation instructions

C4all consists of a server component and a comment widget. The server supports handling multiple websites.

Server / admin

To set up the server and admin interface please follow the instructions in the README file.


To set up the comments widget you need to include the following script on the page.

<script src="" type="text/javascript">

You also need to add the following code in the location where you want the comment widget to load:

<div id="c4all-widget-container"></div>


Comments for all is a Swedish accessibility project. We want to make it easy for the user to make a comment, either in words or in emoticons.

The democratic discourse goes digital. The debate that formerly took place in printed papers, radio and television now unfolds in social media and the comment fields. But not everyone can participate. And the debate is not always constructive and comprehensible.